Bridal Portraits

November 12, 2018

Bridal Portraits in Snow Hill, NC | Blake Govan Smeltzer

I love bridal portraits.

I recently went to a photography workshop with photographers from all over the country and only about half of them had the privilege of photographing bridal portraits. Another reason I am thankful to be a southern girl!

They are the perfect time to have a girls day with your mom and maid of honor, get into your dress for the first “real” time, and get your hair and make up just right for the big day. It’s like a fun, beautiful dress rehearsal!

Blake took us out to some family land that was absolutely stunning. There were big fields, weeping willows, water, and even a swing. I may be asking her if I can take brides there in the future!

Keeping these a secret before their big day was so challenging, but I know once she was finally able to share with Ty, he was blown away!