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May 28, 2020

How To Plan A Proposal With A Photographer

This week’s topic is a little different because normally I’m talking directly to my brides…but this video is more directed at my future grooms! Or even future bridesmaids who are helping make this magic happen, hehe. SO, I’ll keep it short so we don’t ruin all of the surprise and you can call me when you’re ready 😉

If you’re planning on proposing soon, having a photographer there is SUCH a fun add on! They are one of my favorite things to photograph because there is so much emotion and love. It’s definitely not an expectation but a fun add on to make the moment more special.

First you have to come up with your proposal plan.

Sometimes I hide in the bushes or wait at a certain location, and sometimes we work it into a couples photoshoot. This moment is 100% about you and your lady so think through the way that will mean the most to the two of you.

When you call your photographer, let them know what the general plan is and get their opinion.

Sometimes based on the light or places to hide, you can work together to figure out the specifics. Most of the time I’m able to make the original plan work exactly as is, and sometimes I offer suggestions to make the photos turn out better and to keep her from seeing me until the last moment!

Planning a proposal with a photographer

Do a quick run-through of the proposal to make sure everything is ready!

On the day of or a few days before, I like to meet up at the spot just to do a quick run through mainly so I as the photographer know where you’re going to be and the order of what you’re going to do.

There’s no pressure to get it perfect BUT I want to know if there will be a signal or if you’re going to do it quick! We’ll work out the details about where to position her so I can get a photo of her reaction –– don’t worry about this giving it away because they are almost always unsuspecting!!! 

Planning a proposal with a photographer

The biggest tip for getting the perfect proposal photo is…

One big tip I have for proposing with a photographer and even just in general, is to stay on your knee for longer than feels natural! This allows the moment to be taken in completely and lets me get the shot all of the girls love! It’s a big moment so don’t feel rushed!!

After the moment, your photographer will probably emerge from their hiding place which is my favorite part because it’s like an extra surprise!

Once I had a proposal that started with a romantic brunch…then he left the table and had the waitress deliver a bouquet of flowers with a note to meet him by the pier…where he was waiting holding a new PUPPY…that had a name tag that said “Will you marry me?”…and THEN I came out from the lifeguard stand!!! I was surprised she was even still breathing with ALL of the surprises!!!

They don’t all have to be that loaded with surprises, but seeing a photographer is always fun especially if they think they are alone in the moment!!

Planning a proposal with a photographer

Always get a few “newly engaged” photos after the big moment.

After the proposal I love to spend time getting a few “newly engaged photos” of the two of you and even getting a few of those who came to celebrate –– some grooms will have a little party after that I’ll get some photos of the families! 

Other than those basic items, all proposals are unique so it’s best to plan with your photographer. It’s going to be such a big important moment in your life and documenting it will be SO special to your future wife.

Planning a proposal with a photographer

Like I said, they’re are one of my favorite things to photograph so if you are planning on popping the question then let me know how I can help!!!