August 10, 2021

One Month With Dune

One month ago my life changed for the better!!! I brought home a cute, spunky Australian Multi-Generational Labradoodle named Dune and I am obsessed with him! I’ve been waiting on bringing a pup into my life that was fully mine for a LONG time and I waited specifically on Dune since last October so this was a long time coming. He was well worth the wait!

Dune is currently 13 weeks today and weighs little over 13 pounds. He’s supposed to be somewhere between 30-40 pounds full grown but his paws are HUGE so we’ll see! He has the best personality, is super loving, and loves to be with me at all times (we’re working on the independence/being alone). I love his little waddle around the house and the yard!

Dune is named after the sand dunes on the beach, one of the places I send the majority of my time shooting. He’s picked up quite a few nicknames, including Duney Boy, Duney Looney, Dune Bug, Dooney and Burke, Nugget, and Bug. I feel like every time he’s with someone new he gets a new name. It makes me feel good because I wanted to make sure that his name was able to have fun things to call him too!

I’ll be honest…this past month has been tough with lots of middle of the night potty trips, trying to figure each other out, and learning to incorporate him into my schedule but boy, is his face cute! My favorite moments are in the morning when he first wakes up and we get a little time to cuddle and when he learns a new command!

In the past month, he’s learned “sit”, “down”, “come”, his name, how to go potty quickly outside, and “NO” (hahaha). He is really smart and listens really well, though I can tell he’s starting to get really independent and knows when he’s about to have to do something he doesn’t want to do. Dune loves his moose, his fox (thanks to mom!), chasing a ball, and bully sticks. He’s not crazy about slowing down to take a nap but as soon as he settles in his crate he is OUT (like on his back with his tongue out). He drinks a LOT of water! His favorite treat is cheese and he loves running in the yard. He’s afraid of barking but once he realizes he’s safe he loves to play with other pups!

We’ve done small socialization experiences, like walks around the neighborhoods, riding in the car to pick up food and playing with some friend’s pups. Thankfully he does really well staying at other people’s houses because I’ve had to travel on the weekends quite a lot…and it’s only going to get crazier with wedding season picking back up! We’ll be starting formal training soon and I’m excited to really work with Dune to make him a VERY well-mannered boy, with a few tricks up his sleeve 🙂

Here just a few photos I’ve taken of him around the house! I’m trying to make sure I capture as much of his puppy face as possible because he’s growing bigger every day!!!!