Engagements, Sweetheart Sessions

August 24, 2020

Anniversary Photos in Fort Fisher at Carolina Beach, NC | Kiana and Jake

Kiana reached out to me earlier this year about scheduling photos for her and Jake’s anniversary. They had eloped a few years prior and never had the “newly-wed bride and groom” portraits we all love so much, and this summer would be the perfect time! I personally believe there is always an excuse to get dressed up and make beautiful memories –– especially when you’re trying to decorate a house!!

She wanted something coastal and romantic, especially since they live so close to the water, so of course we headed to Fort Fisher down by Carolina Beach, NC! There was a summer storm rolling in but we were able to get some gorgeous images. It helps that they looked so beautiful/handsome!

We spent most of our time talking about their life as a military couple, people-watching the interesting crowd on the beach, and trying to tame Kiana’s hair without tangling Jake in it, haha! Thankfully they were okay with all of the things that come with being by the ocean, including the wind!

Here are a few favorites from their sweetheart / anniversary photos!