August 26, 2020

Bald Head Island Engagement Photos | Payton and Chandler

This is a really exciting post for me for multiple reasons:

  1. Payton is finally a #DakotaHerseyBride!!!!! AHH!!!!!
  2. It’s my dream to have my previous seniors eventually become my brides. Payton was one of my first seniors when I moved back to North Carolina in 2016 AND I did her senior photos again this year!
  3. She’s also a photographer and it’s always an honor to have fellow photogs trust me with their memories.
  4. We went to Bald Head Island for their engagements, one of my favorite locations!

Payton and Chandler are getting married in October 2021 and it’s been a long time coming…they’ve dated for almost 8 years!!! I’ve known Payton since she was a senior in high school and it’s been so fun to not only be her friend, but also watch her grow up (in a big sister sort of way!). I’ve seen her graduate, start her photography business, move to ECU, pursue her dental assisting degree, graduate AGAIN, take family photos, move in with Chandler and get the cutest pup Murphy, and now get ENGAGED!!!! Being a part of their big day is going to be so special for me.

For engagements, I knew we had to do something a little above and beyond the “regular” so we hopped on the ferry to Bald Head Island, NC. The spanish moss, big lighthouse, boat docks, and beaches are so dreamy and romantic. We did struggle with mosquitoes (mainly Kyle was being attacked lol) but I would say it was worth it!!!

I always love seeing Payton and Chandler together. He’s a quiet, strong soul that grounds her wild dreamer’s spirit. It’s a beautiful combination and I’m so excited for them to continue building their lives together. You can tell he loves his girl –– the night before their session he even let Payton do a “dress rehearsal” for their photos so she could make sure she had everything *just* right. Chan –– you are very appreciated for putting up with mine and Payton’s long conversations and specific visions!!!

October 2021 can’t get here fast enough!!!