July 9, 2020

North Carolina Museum Of Art Engagement Photos in Raleigh, NC | Michelle and Kris

I met Michelle during my first job after college as a chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega. She and I were both from NC chapters and had both been founding members. Even though she’s originally from NY, she has a huge heart for North Carolina –– and so does Kris! This is where they met and started their relationship afterall!

Now they live in California, but still want to get married here in Raleigh, NC because it’s the perfect middle point for all of their family members and a TON of their friends are still here. Carolina will always call all of us home!

We were lucky with all of the travel restrictions that Michelle and Kris could still make their trip to NC. Unfortunately some of their original plans (beach music concerts, graduations, etc.) were cancelled, but not engagements!!! We had the most beautiful (HOT), sunny summer day. So thankful!!!

They’ll be getting married at The Merrimon Wynne House in August 2021 so naturally Raleigh was the perfect backdrop for photos. The NC Museum of Art is full of greenery and golden fields right now and I cannot get enough of that light!!!

It had been almost 4 years since I had seen Michelle and the first time meeting Kris (even though I felt like I knew him from everything I’ve heard about him!), so of course we spent a ton of time catching up in-between poses and walking to new locations.

Here are just a few of my favorites from engagements –– next year can’t get soon enough!!!