April 19, 2019

Vestique Is In Wilmington, NC!! | Grand Opening Recap

I love that boutiques have become the place to shop. When I went to Mississippi, I became so used to having a boutique on every corner and always having access to trendy, cute clothes.

When I came back home to North Carolina, it took us a little longer to have the same amount of options but we’re definitely there now!

One of my favorite boutiques is Vestique. They have locations all over NC but I make sure to always stop by the store when I’m in Raleigh. I got the prettiest orange jumper last year for a wedding (you know, like 2 hours before I was supposed to actually go to the wedding) and everyone was obsessed with it!

So you can best believe I was freaking out when I found out they were coming to Wilmington!!!

I am so excited to have them right down the store from my house in The Forum near Mayfaire. I know it will be the PERFECT place for all of my seniors and brides to be styled for their sessions for a really good price!

You will definitely be seeing more of Vestique on the blog!!

If you are in Wilmington, make sure to stop by, tell the girls hey, and pick up something beachy and cute. Their summer collections are to die for!

Here’s a little sneak peek into the shop from their grand opening!

Nothing wrong with a shameless selfie 🙂

I love their potted plant wall behind the register! So cute!

So many people showed up for the first 30 minutes of the store being open! Vestique did give away welcome bags to their first 20 customers. I missed one by 5 people but the bags were so cute!

MANE Studio made a guest appearance, setting up a free braiding station in the back of the store! Those girls are so talented and I definitely encourage all of my seniors and brides to think about gettin your hair styled before sessions.