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I’m Dakota, a Wilmington, NC-based photographer helping engaged couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and creative businesses grow with purposeful brand imagery.

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Elegant Coastal Bedroom Makeover | Navy and Gold Dresser Renovation

February 18, 2019

I moved into my house about 9 months ago and am JUST now getting around to decorating it, which is honestly pretty impressive knowing that I lived in my last house for almost 2 years without hanging a single thing on my wall.

I am NOT an interior designer. I love and appreciate beautiful rooms and I know what I like but I have such a hard time making it actually happen!

Kyle on the other hand is the complete opposite (thank goodness for me!!!). He’s been pushing me (read: making fun of me) to decide what I want my room to look like and to actually put some nails in the wall.

The two big projects that we worked on this past month were 1) painting my room a clean, cool gray and 2) refinishing my dresser. I also got a fiddle fig tree that I am SO EXCITED about –– if you follow me on Instagram, you have likely seen the entire adventure of getting him!!!

The dresser and Amazon Alexa set up was actually my gift from Kyle for Christmas but we just finally had a free weekend to get it all done. It actually wasn’t even that bad!!!

Here are all of the details of the items in the room, in case you’d like to start decorating yourself πŸ™‚

Room Paint Color // Sherwin-Williams Showcase One-Coast Eggshell, Stone Eagle
Bed and Nightstands // Grainwood Furniture (on Wayfaire)
Nightstand Lamps // Walmart
Duvet (the best thing ever) // Sharper Image
Duvet Cover and Pillow // Home Goods
Dresser Paint // Valspar Furniture Paint, Royal Navy
Gold Dresser Knobs // Home Depot
Watercolor Painting // Target
Kate Spade Navy Lamp // TJ Maxx
Fiddle Leaf Fig // Lowes Home Improvement
Planter Pot // Home Depot
Amazon Alexa
TP-Link Smart Plugs

Isn’t Fitzgerald beautiful? πŸ™‚ I love him!!!

Weston came into town for the day because it was nice outside (he’s moving here in the fall!!!). I somehow talked him into bringing Kyle and I lunch AND staying to help finish painting my room!

For the next part of the project, Kyle and I stripped and sanded my dresser. This was actually the dresser my dad and I stained together for when Weston when he was born! I painted it with chalk paint before moving to Wilmington, so this is it’s 3rd renovation!

We brought the dresser inside to finish the painting because it was getting dark and colder outside. I’m glad we did that because it actually took all night to dry!

This was the original color we picked. We were going for a dark, smokey blue but also didn’t want to get something too dark.

Turns out this was wayyy too light and didn’t give the right look (which it only took about 20 minutes of me staring at the dried paint to make that decision!).

We went back to Lowes to see if they could darken it and we were able to exchange the whole can for a better color!

If you’re re-doing / re-painting furniture, this paint is awesome!

We ended up going with “Royal Navy”. I was little nervous that it would be too dark but I absolutely LOVE it, especially with the gold knobs I picked out!

Wow, he’s so handsome…even in sweats / painting clothes!

The Finished Product

Okay, here is the finished room!!! I absolutely love it and I feel even more motivated every morning waking up and going to bed in a space that looks so cute!

Pillows: TJ Maxx / HomeGoods

I LOVE THE DRESSER. It’s exactly what I envisioned.

The gold knobs on are the dresser are from Home Depot. I had envisioned a brushed gold that was similar to the side table lamps with flat/matte faces. These were almost exact!

I found the artwork in Target –– I was eyeing it for a few weeks around the holidays and ended up getting it because it felt meant to be if it stayed around for that long!

The lamp is Kate Spade from TJ Maxx. We found it on our shopping break waiting for the excess paint-stripper from the dresser to dry. It was so cute I couldn’t pass it up!

First, I cannot believe those nightstand lamps are from WALMART. Kyle saw them one night when he was shopping and immediately told me I had to have them.

I got Edison vintage lightbulbs and they give off the coolest warm glow at night. At first it took some time to get used to, but honestly I like the vibe!

The last part of my present of redoing my dresser was setting up my Amazon Alexa in my room. Since I opted for the cooler looking lightbulbs, I needed to get smart plugs to be able to control the lights.

All three of the lamps are using the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini‘s to communicate with my Alexa. Now I don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights!

There are no words to say how happy this little corner makes me.

I am definitely no interior designer –– and I give the majority of the credit for this room to Kyle –– BUT this is one of the first rooms I’ve ever had that was so intentionally put together. It makes me feel so much more productive and happy every day!

Thanks to everyone who followed along on my Insta-Stories and kept up with the updates!!


I’m Dakota, a Wilmington, NC-based photographer Helping engaged couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and creative businesses grow with purposeful brand imagery.

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