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March 20, 2019


SURPRISE!!!! I’m starting a YouTube Channel!!!!!

Over the past year I have become way more interested in video and its power in marketing and building community. I’m not sure why but I kind of feel like I’ve been pushed towards it…so here I am!

I started researching YouTube and video strategies before I left my agency position and took Dakota Hersey Photography full time and there was SO much to learn. I know there is still a long way to go but I am excited to bring this new form of content to my tribe!

To kick us off, I asked what questions y’all had for me on my Instagram and I’m answering them in my first video –– Q&A: I’M STARTING A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Along with my Q&A video, I’ve also released FOUR ADDITIONAL VIDEOS! You can find them on my channel or explore here:

The Dakota Hersey Senior Experience: What To Expect
What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Time
7 Mistakes Seniors Make During Their Senior Photos
What To Expect In Each Season When Planning Your Wedding

I will be posting a new video every week on Wednesday with content for my seniors AND my couples! Think everything from prepping for your senior session to planning your wedding and everything in-between! I already have a ton of videos planned out, but if you have a burning question or a topic you want to hear more about, please send your ideas my way!!

It would mean the world to me if you would subscribe and join me on my video journey –– you can do that here!!

AND to celebrate months of hard work, planning, failing (lol, more evidence of this coming later), and learning, I’m also hosting my FIRST GIVEAWAY!

Yep, I’m giving away a pair of small everyday Sheila Fajl gold hoops (aka the earrings I wear almost everyday). To enter, you just have to subscribe to my channel and tag 3 of your friends in my announcement post on Instagram!

Dakota Hersey Photography Youtube channel giveaway

This project is launching me out of my comfort zone but I am excited to see where it goes, how much I learn, and how it will grow this community of ours.

A huge, special thank you to a few people:

Kyle, thank you for constantly listening to all of my ideas, thoughts, doubts, questions, and wins. Thank you for being a stand-in photographer and videographer even after a long day at work. Thank you for always pushing me to my best.

Britt, thank you for listening and encouraging my strategy –– even when I waiver a little! Thank you for spending hours on the phone talking through my big dreams and being my personal cheerleader.

Trena Little, thank you for your helpful content! I became a fan after listening to your episode on the Brands That Book Podcast and have been glued to your channel ever since. Check out her channel here!

The Herrintons, thank you for always having a video or a blog post to answer my questions about video (especially equipment). You’ve even answered specific questions in the DM’s and I’m so thankful for that. Check out their blog here!

Tia, thank you for creating my beautiful intro! I’m so happy I found someone who could take my slightly-put-together-but-not-really vision and make it something I love.

Mom, Dad, Weston, thank you for responding with encouraging texts every time I send something to review…which is a lot lol. I couldn’t do anything without you!

Casey and Marien, thank you for listening to my daily (sometimes hourly) updates on all of my projects and business dreams and for letting me borrow your clothes so I have cute things to wear in my videos 🙂