June 12, 2019

Tiffany and Payton Visit Me In Carolina Beach, NC

Meet Tiffany of Tiffany Rose Photography and Payton of Payton Herring Photography!

They are two of my photog friends from Goldsboro. Payton was actually one of my seniors a few years ago and I met Tiffany at a workshop in Virginia…how did we have to go out of state to meet?!!

We have been talking for awhile about them coming to Wilmington to hang out and take new headshots for each other and it worked out for both of them to come at once, which means TWICE the fun!

After a long discussion about all of the best places to shoot and eat in Wilmington (food was the priority of course), we decided to go to Carolina Beach and shoot on the boardwalk.

There are so many bright colors and different backgrounds. I am excited to take my seniors and couples back there!!

We also had to get Britt’s Donuts, walk around through the boats and carnivals, and then ended the night with pasta and cocktails at Tarentelli’s in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Here are some of my favorites from our trip!!!

I LOVE this yellow wall!!! I will definitely be bringing my seniors and couples back to this spot 🙂 I love the way it pops with Payton’s pink dress!

Of course we can’t go to Carolina Beach, NC without getting BRITT’S DONUTS! I wait allll year long for them to open and I make to at least go a few times during the summer.

It is hands-down, by far the BEST donut you will ever eat. Promise.

Next we headed to the boat docks for the last little bit of sunlight and it was gorgeous! I love all of the colorful boats in the background. Another spot I will definitely be back to!

I love hanging out with these girls because they love taking photos just as much as I do!!