February 14, 2019

Proposal at Walnut Creek Country Club in Goldsboro, NC | Cory and Katherine

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I LOVE proposals. Even before I was really pursuing photography, I was shooting my friends’ proposals. I love the excitement of knowing a secret (hehe) and seeing all of the emotion of everyone’s faces.

They are truly one of the happiest things to witness!!!

Cory reached out to me a few days before he was planning on popping the big question and within a few hours, we were on the phone talking through the plan. I moved around some personal plans because I HAD to make this happen for him –– it was just too sweet!!

The plan was that he would meet Katherine at her house and ask her to go on a walk with their pup Nacho. When they got to the water and bridge that they used to spend time on when they first started dating, he would ask her the most important question ever.

Cory and I met up 15 minutes before Katherine would be getting into town to map out where I would be hiding (in the bushes –– sneaky sneaky) so we could get the perfect shot.

Like most girls, Katherine threw off Cory’s plan just a little because she said it was too cold to go for a walk and she wanted to just drive down to the water! She thought this was so funny after she realized why Cory was so persistent…haha!

Cory got down on one knee and Katherine was speechless. I loved the look on her face when I got a little closer and she’d realized that Cory had arranged for me to be there…more tears!!!

We did a few portraits after the big moment (including Nacho!), which I love to do just because it’s such a special moment.

Then we headed to the house where all of Cory AND Katherine’s families were anxiously waiting. There were lots of hugs and tears before champagne was popped!! We went outside to get a few photos with everyone who was there to celebrate.

It was truly a perfect moment!! Here are all of the photos from the day!

Getting ready to ask!!!

Popping the question!!!

This is the moment she realized I was hiding in the bushes photographing the whole thing!

Putting on the ring for the first time! It was beautiful!!

Their pup Nacho was very excited to be a part of the experience!

We had to get some quick portraits to remember and celebrate the moment!!

Told you!! I love it!!!

We headed back to the house where Cory had both of their families waiting to celebrate!! There were lots of hugs and tears…followed by a champagne toast!


Plus we had to get some family photos with everyone that was there to celebrate the engagement!

Congratulations Cory and Katherine!!

I am so excited for you! Thank you for asking me to capture this special moment and hang out with your families for a little while!