June 25, 2018

Walnut Creek Country Club Proposal in Goldsboro, NC | Katie and Jordan

Katie and I have been friends for quite some time now and she has done a ton for my business! I am so grateful for the brides she has sent my way so I wanted to find a way to thank her. I let her know that I wanted to offer her a free session of her and her boyfriend, Jordan. Of course she was so excited and we started planning it out!

Jordan reached out to me about the session and asked if he could use that time to propose to her…I said absolutely!!! If you know me, proposals are my favorite type of sessions because of the unexpectedness and all of the emotion. We planned out the location, date, and how we’d make it happen and then I let Katie know what we’d be doing. She had NO IDEA.

We met in the morning at Walnut Creek Country club. Jordan and Katie’s moms were hiding in the parking lot at the location we planned for the proposal to happen. My brother Weston also joined to do some filming, which we told Katie was just for content for me (partly true!). After warming up by the water, we headed to the 9th hole for the big moment!

I let Jordan know that I would signal him when I was ready with the camera and from there it would be all him and her. I set them up under a tree and Jordan started whispering into Katie’s ear. Classic reaction –– Katie started asking him what he was doing and to pay attention because I was trying to take their picture. When Jordan got down on one knee, she realized what was happening and burst into tears.

Once she said yes, their moms and her pup, Opie, came running across the field. It was such a sweet moment!!!

We finished up with actual engagement photos in a nearby field with signs that Jordan’s mom had made for them.

I was so thankful to be included in this special moment in their lives, and am thankful to have a friend like Katie! Congratulations you two!!!