July 16, 2020

2020 Senior Spokesmodel Graduation Photoshoot

This post is long over-due and will also probably make me cry writing it. My senior spokesmodel team is one of the best things I have ever done within my business. It takes an incredible about of work, planning, and a million hours of me thinking about the girls…but it’s totally worth it.

Every year I am so sad to say goodbye to my previous team and invite a new group to work with me. I’m always so concerned about making sure they are connecting with me and each other and that the experience is about more than just photos.

Of course the photos are fun, but what makes my heart swell is when the girls tell me their favorite part is feeling like they’re part of a family.

A family that supports each other, hypes up Instagram posts, makes time for beach days, and eating WAY too much. One where every girl is comfortable with each person on the team and one that is going to last far beyond high school (especially since some of these girls will be roommates in college!!!).

The graduation shoot (our final shoot) is always SO HOT, but it’s also emotional as it’s the last time we’ll all be together shooting. This year didn’t quite end the way we’d hoped, but we were still able to make our shoot happen AND a little cookout afterwards!

I love this group with all of my heart and I am so incredibly proud of them. I know the connections we’ve made will keep them coming back to hang out with me and they will all definitely be #DakotaHerseyBrides one day!!!