September 17, 2020

Bright, Fun Senior Photos In Wilmington, NC | Ashley Pendergrass

I want all of my seniors to feel like they can completely be themselves and have their photos reflect who they are and their personal style…and it REALLY pumps me up when their style just happens to be my own!!

Ashley is one of my 2021 Senior Spokesmodels and is graduating from Fike High School (my first Fike senior!). She is so passionate about people and their health. Her plan is to attend NC State for biology, then eventually go on to PA school so she can work alongside her mom and her sister in the emergency departments. Even as a high schooler she’s found every opportunity to learn and get into hospitals so she can really experience what it’s like to be a health professional. It’s lead to some WILD stories that make me really grateful for people like her, her mom, and her sister because GROSS –– it is NOT my thing, hahah.

For her senior photos, Ashley wanted bright, fun, coastal…you know, ALL of my favorite things. We did start downtown to have a backdrop that was a little more “city” since she’s planning on living in Raleigh next year. I loved the way the red pops against a lot of white, clean concrete and her custom-made Wolfpack jean jacket was SO cute!

I don’t normally recommend trying to do both downtown and the beach because the drive is long and parking is tough, so it eats up a lot of your session time. Thankfully Mrs. Annette loves to drive fast like me so we didn’t waste hardly any time, ha!

I am feeling really drawn to yellow lately, especially when it is paired with bright sunlight and water. Her boat dock photos are just so beautiful to me! We also managed to find a little new spot with some pink and yellow flowers, and had the most gorgeous light on the beach. Wrightsville Beach is known for it’s blue waters and this year it has been exceptionally blue. I’m living for it!

It may have been a million degrees and Ashley quite literally sweated her sticky boobs off…but it lead to the biggest genuine laughs!!! We were almost in tears! She is so fun to hang out with and I loved feeling like I was one of the girls in her family for the evening.

Yet again…it’s another VERY packed blog post. These may be some of my favorite senior images yet! Crisp, clean, bright, and colorful. I’m in love!