March 7, 2019

CBA High School Senior Photos in Downtown Goldsboro, NC | Taylor Gay

Taylor is one of my 2019 senior spokesmodels and is an absolute hoot to be around! (Wow I sound like my mom there, ha!) She is constantly making me laugh and is so easy to work with –– she’ll pretty much go with any idea I have, which makes my job really fun!!!

She is one of the most active seniors I have, which sometimes gets her into trouble…she’s just healed from a broken wrist, which she broke EXACTLY a year after breaking her ankle! She is a trooper though. She told me that even with her broken ankle she still ran a 5k that was raising money for cancer research because those with cancer deal with a lot more than just a broken bone. Honestly, a true angel. Her parents should be so proud!!!

We started her session with some sentimental photos of her with her Papa’s fixed up vintage car and his guitar and then headed to downtown Goldsboro.

Sometimes it’s a little challenging to have a session in an area that is pretty small AND is the main spot for all photos in a little town! You can fall into a hole of photographing the main places or the things that feel “easiest” instead of venturing out a little further.

I definitely have my go-to areas where I know the light is best but I also love to try new spots that give something a little different and outside of the “norm.” Thankfully Taylor and her mom trust me and let me walk them all over the streets!!!

Here are my favorites from Taylor’s downtown Goldsboro senior session 🙂

This first location was my favorite…I mean, you can’t beat that light! The white and greenery worked perfectly with her pink dress and jean jacket!

I love any chance I get to do up close portraits. She looks so pretty!!!

Y’all know if there is a white wall anywhere in my vicinity that I will photograph someone in front of it! I love this area for the outfit she’s wearing because it really allows Taylor to pop off the background and not get lost in something more busy!

Taylor thought she didn’t have a good relaxed/model face…clearly she was wrong!!! Those eyes are gorgeous!

She looked at me like I was crazy when I posed her like this but this is what happens when you trust me!!! So beautiful!

I love this area too because it was simple and had just the right amount of sunlight to give us our POP! Taylor of course looks like an angel. I wish I had her blue eyes and lashes!

We had to get some fun photos that are truly “her”! Don’t be afraid to ask for something that is going to really sum up your senior year, even if it’s silly. I loved these!!!