March 14, 2019

CBA High School Senior in Wrightsville Beach, NC | Morgan Casey

Morgan (also known as Smiley) is one of my 2019 senior spokesmodels and has been destined to be in the #dakotaherseyseniors family for awhile! I did her older brother’s senior photos a few years back and I can’t believe it’s already her turn!

She is an extremely involved, positive girl so we needed to design a session to match! She knew Wilmington would be the perfect backdrop for this –– for anyone wanting a lot of bright, clean colors, Wrightsville Beach is the place for you!

Her outfits were a mix of bright yellows, reds, blues, and whites and I was so excited that she brought a maxi skirt for the beach! They show a ton of movement and let us play “mermaid” a little.

All of her clothes are actually from American Eagle, except for her white fringe jeans (Boutique Me) and her white dress (Emily’s Boutique). I think my favorite may be her yellow dress!

We drove around all of my favorite spots around Wrightsville Beach, NC to get a perfect balance between colorful buildings and calm beach. Thankfully the sunshine showed up for us this day AND it was around 70 degrees –– that doesn’t always happen in March!

Below are my favorites from her session 🙂 Let me know which one you love the most!

I love the pop of color with this big boat! Plus this is the part in the shoot when we all dream of owning one, ha!

This was a REAL laugh…so cute!!!

I loved this yellow dress! It was so bright and made her eyes pop. She got it at American Eagle!!!

This outfit and location just says “all American” to me!! She also got this outfit from American Eagle.

Another real laugh that I caught! This is a benefit to bringing your mom and boyfriend or friend to make you laugh!

Another cute, beachy outfit! I love all of the brightness!!

Ugh, she looks like an actual ANGEL!

Never have I seen someone look so good with wind-blown hair! If you are planning on a beach session, having your hair curled or wavy is a really, really good idea!

Of course we have to get some with mama and her boyfriend, Jonas! We are so thankful for him hanging out in the car while we stopped for a few minutes at a spot and didn’t want to pay for parking!!