March 1, 2018

Charles B Aycock HS Senior in Downtown Raleigh, NC | Kirsten Sampson

Kirsten is on my 2018 senior spokesmodel team and I am so grateful to have her on the team! She always brings fun and spunk by making jokes and being extra sassy. She recently received her acceptance letter to NC State (one of her biggest dreams!!!) and asked if we could go to Raleigh for her senior session. Of course I said absolutely! State’s campus is full of beautiful brick and tons of locations to celebrate everything Kirsten’s accomplished this year.

We started out near the Free Expression Tunnel, a tunnel on campus where students are free to spray paint whatever they want. Kirsten brought spray paint to “leave her mark” and start her college journey with a NCSU student tradition! We then got some ice cream and walked to different locations on campus (totaling almost 10,000 steps!!!). Of course we had to get some shots by the infamous bell tower, and then ended our session on the top of a parking deck to capture more of her sassy side.

It was so fun hanging out with Kirsten and Anna (her best friend and another one of my spokesmodels!), talking about everything from future college plans, to work out plans, to their photographer/videographer aspirations. I am so glad they are members of my first spokesmodel team and I can’t wait to see everything Kirsten does at State as she pursues her dream of being a lawyer!