February 19, 2021

Downtown Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach Fall Senior Photos | Madelyn Ammons

Every year when I release my application for my senior spokesmodel team I hope to reach girls that I may not have reached without it. I want girls to encourage their friends and to spread the word so I can widen my reach too! That’s exactly how I find girls like Madelyn. She’s spunky, she makes me laugh, and I’m so glad she chose to be on my team this year!

Madelyn is a senior at Lakewood High School and she’s super active in volleyball and softball. Hopefully *fingers crossed* she chooses to come to UNCW so we can hang out more, but I know she’s got lots of options to choose from. I knew she was going to be a blast on my team when she wanted to facetime with me before even officially meeting me to show me her outfit options for the summer shoot. We were instantly comfortable!

For her photos, Madelyn requested one thing –– she wanted something more “editorial.” Give me alllll the model faces. Of course she has a beautiful smile so we had to capture that too, but I loved getting to play around with different locations and poses. Her eyes are also just stunning when she’s just staring!!!

We started downtown, exploring some locations I hadn’t used before, finding colors that would work well with her outfits. My favorite was her animal print body suit and jacket with the peach wall!!! I love that wall because it lets us totally focus on her face and she was definitely serving LOOKS.

She did want a few coastal photos, so we headed to Wrightsville Beach to catch the sunset. She wore a long, navy maxi dress and it was SO pretty against the sand and blue water!! I do love my brown eyes but I get girls who’s eyes pop against the water like that, I am so jealous, haha.

Madelyn, thank you so much for listening to Samantha and applying to be on my spokesmodel team. You are such a joy to be around and I cannot wait for beach days this summer since we missed out last year!!