August 24, 2020

North Duplin High School Senior Photos at Wrightsville Beach, NC | Samantha Beavers

Here we go…the first senior of Class of 2021!!!! I am SO incredibly excited to work with a new group of seniors and celebrate this chapter in their lives!

First up is one of my 2021 spokesmodels, Samantha!!! She is beautiful and funny, and I’m on a mission to get her to stop telling me how awkward she is in photos because it’s definitely ALL in her head. Just wait until you scroll through her session!

Samantha is a senior at North Duplin this year where *hopefully* she’ll get a chance to play volleyball one last time (they have a plan so we’re hoping they are able to make it happen!). She loves the beach, bright colors, and flowers, so of course I had to bring her to Wrightsville Beach for her individual senior photos.

Originally we had planned to go to a different garden…but it was closed. We switched it up to go to the Wrightsville Beach Park and honestly I think it was an even cuter style! All of the green and glowy sunlight worked perfectly with her pink dress.

After getting our fill of flowers and plants, we headed closer to the sand. She brought her boyfriend Chase along and he was patient enough to let us take a few photos with him too! I loved hearing all about his future plans and their recent vacation to visit his family in Florida.

I cannot wait to spend this year with Samantha on my team!!! I have a good group y’all, and even with the craziness of 2020 I know they are going to still make this year one of the best yet.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Sam’s senior photos, and prepare to see her a lot more around here!!!