November 13, 2019

Senior Photos At The Capital Building In Downtown Raleigh, NC | Emily Pate

Sweet, SWEET Emily!!! She is a senior at Wayne School of Engineering this year and on my 2020 senior spokesmodel team! I am SO thankful that I get to see her every season because she just radiates kindness and joy.

Emily is destined to make a huge impact on this world and I can’t wait to watch it happen. Since she is already very involved in our state laws and politics (with multiple internships and programs under her belt!!!), she wanted to have a very “DC” feel for her photos.

Thankfully she knows our capital area much better than I do and she showed me a bunch of gorgeous locations! I’ve trained her well so she knows what I look for in my locations and the moment she said “white bridge” I was sold, haha!

I loved wandering around the square with her and her parents (and Ozzie!!!). It was the perfect fall day in the city and now she gets to celebrate her 18th birthday with gorgeous photos!! 🙂

Enjoy some of my favorites!