October 5, 2020

Senior Photos At University of North Carolina In Chapel Hill, NC | Lacey Ragan

I believe this is one of my last 2020 senior sessions affected by COVID restrictions and it did not disappoint! Lacey graduated from Wayne School of Engineering back in the spring when we originally had her photos scheduled. Now that it’s much later in the year and she has already started at UNC Chapel Hill, we decided to head to Chapel Hill / Durham area for her photos!

I was so jealous the entire time because she is STUNNING…and so is her mom and her sister! It definitely runs in the family, for sure! This was my first time being on UNC’s campus (except for a basketball game a few years ago, but it was dark and everyone was rushing Franklin St. so I couldn’t really see anything, haha) and it was beautiful. We walked around, talking about different important places, finding pretty light, and enjoying some of the first fall weather.

After being on campus, we went down to the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC for some more “edgy” photos. We did try to use the parking deck for a few but apparently that’s not allowed anymore (who knew??) so we snuck a few before having to go down to the main campus. It was pretty fun for me to do something a little outside of my style and still make some fun photos for her!!

Lacey is kind, smart, and can pull off any outfit! I love that she brought different outfits that showed off her different styles. I can’t wait to see what the next four years bring her!! Also, so thankful that she stuck with me through this crazy year and doing our best to make these photos happen!