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April 10, 2019

Should You Get College Senior Photos?

I feel like college senior photos are kind of just now becoming a thing and I AM SO HERE FOR IT.

I actually got my senior photos done when I graduated college and I am so thankful I did. There are so many ways to use them that I don’t think everyone thinks about!

So today I’m going to break down my main reasons for getting senior photos done when you graduate college.

#1: This is a HUGE moment!!!!

You’ve just spent the past 4 years in a place that you’ve probably learned the most you’ve ever learned, made and lived with friends that will truly be there for the rest of your life, and at least for me it kind of felt like I was leaving my home.

I personally think that there’s always a reason to have photos done but graduating is definitely in the top 5.

Wilmington NC Senior Photographer in Downtown Wilmington
See more of Erica’s downtown Wilmington senior session!

#2: You need professional photos of you.

The last time you got nice photos done of you was probably in high school…a lot has changed!! You’re applying for jobs and updating your LinkedIn and nothing stands out more than having a really nice photo…not wearing your cap and gown.

What better way to look like you have your life together than to have a professional photo on your profile.

Wilmington, NC Wrightsville Beach senior photos
See more of Cailey’s senior session!

#3: They make awesome thank you gifts.

My go to for presents are always photos…they’re easy, timeless, and everyone loves them. If you get photos done, you can give them to your parents, grandparents, or whoever else was involved in your college experience for a thank you gift and they will absolutely love them.

Wilmington NC Senior Photographer on UNCW campus
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Wilmington NC Senior Photographer on UNCW campus
See more of Mckenzie’s UNCW senior session!

#4: You can bring your friends too!

When my seniors bring their best girls I absolutely love it. You’ve practically done everything together over the past few years so why not do your photos together too? They’re just as much a part of your experience!

I still have my photos with my best friends and I popping champagne and it makes me miss them so much. Don’t miss out on that.

#5: This was your home.

I don’t know about y’all but my college was truly my home. When I was graduating I wanted photos in the places that I had spent all of my time the past 4 years –– walking to class, eating Chick-fil-a, and just being on campus. If your college town was super important to you, this is a great chance to save memories of it!

Ugh, I’m approaching 4 years of being out of college and I miss it so freaking much. I honestly love any excuse to go back on any college campus. It just goes by so fast. And next thing you know you’re working an office job and you’re old, so if that’s not enough reason to get your college photos done I don’t know what is.

Wilmington NC Senior Photographer on UNCW campus
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Mars Hill University college senior photos
See more of Rachel’s senior session!

If you’re a college senior you should definitely schedule a session and if you’re in North Carolina, I’m your girl!!!