January 24, 2019

Spring Creek High School Senior Photos | Ashley Goroski

Ashley is my first senior from Spring Creek High School –– where she is involved in pretty much everything!! I knew that we would get along because she’s spending her senior year as cheer captain, NHS president, senior class president, and yearbook editor…holy cow! That is SO much but honestly, I miss those days haha.

She chose to have her session on her school’s campus, which is one of my favorite places to go for high school senior sessions. I don’t know why I love the look of bleachers so much, but they just say “high school” to me and it’s one of the only times in life where you have have photos by the typical metal bleachers.

We made sure to get plenty of photos in her cheerleading uniform since that is probably the biggest part of her life right now. I know she has to truly love it because she’s gotten some injuries in the past year that probably would have stopped me! She’s so determined and dedicated to the team that she won’t those things get in the way of her last year cheering on her teams.

The sun was SO bright this day but honestly we got some of the BEST glow. I asked her if we could stop in a field on the way to her house for the end of her session. There wasn’t a lot going on in the field so she definitely had to trust me!

Those ended up being some of my favorite photos because of the completely GOLDEN light. It made her hair and skin glow…something you don’t always get!!

Enjoy my favorites from her session –– I feel like they could be photos from a high school movie!!

Goldsboro NC high school senior photographer
This is one of my favorite photos from the whole day!

Goldsboro NC high school senior photography session

She had a great mix of bright colors and fall colors so we had a ton of variety to mix with the different locations!

Goldsboro NC high school senior photographer

Tell me this doesn’t look like a scene from a movie!

Spring Creek High School cheerleader

She was one of the best natural laughers!!

Spring Creek High School cheer photos

Spring Creek High School cheer photos

Goldsboro NC senior photography session
Okay, here comes the GLOW!

Spring Creek High School senior photographer

Goldsboro NC senior photographer

Her friend Coral came along so of course we had to get some photos together!

Her parents also brought her puppies over. Y’all know I love anytime pups are involved. These turned out so sweet!