July 16, 2020

UNCW Senior Graduation Photos at Wrightsville Beach, NC | Clancy Phillips

This has been an interesting year for my college seniors. I typically only have around 2 weeks to fit them all in between getting caps and gowns and graduation…all while dodging other graduates trying to take their own photos.

One of the benefits of things being postponed and cancelled is that we no longer had to deal with that this year!!! Tons of time and space to get everything my graduates want 🙂

Clancy was my first UNCW senior of the year and she kicked off the season beautifully! She and her mom made a girls weekend out of coming to Wilmington, starting with getting make up done by Danielle Forte and hair by Jessica Horsely –– the dream team!

She wanted photos around UNCW’s campus (of course the Seahawk too!) and then we headed to Wrightsville Beach, NC for some more casual headshots. I absolutely love those because everyone deserves professional quality photos of themselves throughout their life –– and especially when transitioning from college to the adult world! Someone will always ask for a headshot at the WORST time but now you’ll be prepared!!!

Spending time with Clancy and her mom was such a bright light within the past few months. Talking about her mom’s writing career, Clancy’s many skillsets, and our favorite spots in Wilmington made the session so easy. Like hanging out with an old friend!

Here are a few of my favorites to celebrate her graduation from UNCW! 🙂 Congratulations!!!