February 12, 2019

Wayne Country Day Senior in Wilmington, NC | Gray Young

Gray is one of my 2019 senior spokesmodels and is a senior at Wayne Country Day! She is funny, stylish, and one of the prettiest humans I know. I am so thankful I’ve been able to hang out with her so much this year! Her laugh always makes me laugh!

For her senior session, she originally thought about going to the beach but based on her style and the outfits she’d picked out, we decided downtown would probably be a better fit! It’s important to make sure that everything works together with your outfits AND personality!

Since we were going downtown, I wanted to try something a little different and I knew Gray would be down for it! I found an area with a bunch of little shops with different pops of color!

Within a few blocks, we had blue garage doors, a bright mural, an ice cream shop, modern apartments, white walls with greenery, AND a parking deck!!

Gray brought along her boyfriend Sam who was super helpful in carrying all of her outfits and making her laugh naturally! More photos of his stylish behind the scenes outfit is below 😂

It was so hard to pick favorites from this session because they’re all so beautiful…but here’s my best attempt! Scroll for alllll the best from Gray’s downtown Wilmington senior session!!

You will definitely be seeing these blue garage doors again!!! They are so cute!

We also found this mural which was the perfect pop of color!

Gray brought along her boyfriend Sam who was a huge help carrying all of the outfits! Of course we had to get a few with him too 🙂

This was one of our favorite spots! I love how Wilmington’s downtown lets you get all kinds of backgrounds!

Also, doesn’t Gray look like a model?

Hahah behind the scenes of Sam!!!! He looks so fashionable 😂

Y’all know I love parking decks, especially ones with a lot of WHITE!

I love this one!!