March 15, 2019

WEMCHS High School Senior Photos in Wilmington, NC | Kasey Jones

Kasey came to me because she is best friends with one of my 2019 spokesmodels, Lexi. I knew I would like her if Lexi was the one sending her my way!

Kasey came to Wilmington so we could get some bright, colorful houses and use the beach! The sun was hiding just a little this day BUT that also let us use some spots I love but usually don’t get to use because it’s too bright!

It ended up being just the two of us, but we talked about all kinds of things! I’m excited for her to go to NC State next year (she’s rooming with another one of my spokesmodels, Emily!!) and to continue all of the relationships she’s made in Key Club. It was so fun to hear all about how she’s been involved and made friendships outside of just her high school. To have that before college is amazing!

Here are my favorites from her Wrightsville Beach session!!

I love this one!

She changed into this cute yellow overall dress from Forever 21. So cute! I tried to pair it with a location that had similar colors in the background so it would coordinate!

Now to the beach with her flowy tank and blue jeans from American Eagle!

I don’t usually get to use this little area of cacti because of the way the sun shines in the evening so when there was good, even light you know I had to have her in front of them! They are so cute and paired really well with her colors!

One of my favorites!!

I warned Kasey before we got to the actual beach that it would be windy. This is why I go here last so we don’t have to worry about hair being messed up for other shots.

To both of our surprise, there was actually NO wind at all. It was nice for photos but kind of creepy, ha!

This little sailboat was parked out in the water and that doesn’t happen often! I wanted to include it because it added to our “nautical” feel!

The tide was also low while we were shooting so I was able to get this angle and see what was on the other side of those rocks. So many places I don’t normally get to go!!