November 16, 2019

Adding To My Wedding Detail Styling Kit | Mats, Ribbons, Stamps, and More

I love people.

That’s why I love photography. I love meeting people, teaching them how to look and feel their best selves, and hearing how excited they get when they see themselves as beautiful and confident.

I’ve never been one to really like photographing inanimate objects (mainly nature haha) but part of photographing weddings is capturing all of the pretty details…and I’m starting to LOVE that part!

For wedding details (you can read more about what I mean by details here!), I mainly use the items brides bring me on their wedding day. This helps everything stay cohesive with colors and textures –– and lets me include all of your sentimental items!

Though sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra to highlight all of the work you’ve put into your wedding. I recently bought a few items that I will be bringing to my future weddings to help add some pretty to your day and show off all of your details!

PRO TIP: If you are a bride and you want to make sure that you are using your exact colors for your day, you can also order some of this ribbon and bring it with you on the day of!

Wedding Styling Mat and Board

I have held off on getting a styling board because I like challenging myself to use what I have access to at the wedding venues but sometimes it’s hard to find a large, flat surface to lay everything out!

I bought two different types of styling boards and I am excited to use both of them!

The first is a Double-Sided Wedding Styling Board for Photography Backdrop – 19 x 26 from The Everly Box on Etsy. It is a beige linen on one side and a sky blue on the other. I like this board because it’s an actual board so I can create a large hard surface for styling and I can prop it up if I need a backdrop for flowers!

The second mat is a Styling Boards – Cloud Linen Double Sided Rollable Flat lay board from Olive and Oak Mats on Etsy. It is a white linen on one side and a light gray linen on the other. This mat is a little smaller than the board but it rolls up and is carried in a tube so it takes up a lot less space!

I love the ability to roll it because it’s less likely for it to get damaged by bumping into something or getting bent, but you do have to find a flat surface to roll it out on.

I tried to start with neutral colors so they will match the majority of my weddings, but I am excited to get more in the future with bold, trendy colors and textures too!

Wedding Styling Kit Materials

For the actual details, I ordered a variation of different ribbons, fabrics, clothes pins, spools, and stamps to elevate and style wedding details.

I am so excited about these! I have a ton of different colors so I can choose things that will be complimentary based on the wedding colors (if there aren’t already items there to use!).

I started with some velvet, cotton, and silk ribbon from Anatasia Marie on Etsy. I love the texture of the velvet and the width of the white cotton and pink silk ribbons!

The Anatasia Marie Etsy Shop has a ton of gorgeous styling details so I ordered a few clothes pins to use with the ribbons, a wooden spool, and a handful of vintage stamps. I love all of the colors!!

I wanted to have a few more ribbon color and texture options, so I order some hand-dyed gauze cotton ribbon and silk from the Linen Lark Etsy Shop. These are gorgeous colors and will provide some larger amounts of color for bigger items, like shoes, necklaces, and invitation suites!

I am so excited to use these at my upcoming weddings!! If you have any colors you think I should add to the collection, comment below 🙂