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February 15, 2021

Behind The Scenes Of Our 2020 Weddings

Welcome to the behind the scenes of my 2020 wedding season…one of my favorite posts of the year!!!! And yet another post starting out with “2020 was wild”…but you have to acknowledge it. It was a weird, complicated, confusing year, but one still full of love and celebration. In the midst of shutdowns and trying to figure out what the heck was going on, I’m so thankful that I was still able to help 18 couples start their journey as husband and wife. Some were a lot smaller than originally planned but the love and support was big!!!

My goal as a photographer is to do more than just deliver a gallery of pretty photos. I’m there to give you an experience –– from styling your smallest details of your day, helping chose which earrings look better with your dress, creating space for your most intimate moments, fluffing dresses and veils, making sure your guests know where to go, fixing boutonnieres, making sure groomsmen don’t have to be in front of the camera for longer than they need to be, carrying a million things, dancing at your reception and making sure that all of your food tastes good…and everything in between.

Wedding days are long and at times can feel like a tornado of emotions…my job is to keep the energy high and the stress low.

At the end of the day my back and shoulders are sore, my feet are screaming, I need a huge glass of water and a nap, but I absolutely love being there with everything in me. I’m so thankful I have a job that allows me to tap into everything I love to do –– serve people, problem solve, “save the day”, build confidence, and create memories that will last far beyond an Instagram post.

Anyways, that was a little sappy but it’s true! Here’s a little peak into what it looks like behind curated IG stories and pretty flowers…forgive the faces and messy hair. I’m doing WORK here!!!

Upping my details game was a huge goal for me this year!!! Also the main reason I start the day off with back issues lol.

Also, get yourself a coordinator.

Always get yourself a coordinator.

We love working with videographers!! It’s definitely a TEAM job, making sure we both get our shots without being in each others’ way. At the end of the day it’s all about making sure that you remember the best and most beautiful parts of your day!

The veil shots…a classic. Evan and Weston are PROS at getting it to fly perfectly!!!

We love working with your bridal party too! I like to be as efficient as possible so they can get to drinks and food quickly, but we have a good time getting all of their photos too!!

My favorite part of these blog posts…the “lighting test shots of Evan and Weston.”

Bless them for always hearing “hey, go stand over there so I can get my settings right.” LOL, the faces show the progression of how many times I ask this on a wedding day hahaha.

Also contrary to the way these photos will look, Weston is my ACTUAL brother and Evan is not related to us at all (just family friends for basically our entire lives so he might as well be my brother). Now I realize why all of my brides think that I’m always shooting with one of my brothers, lol!

The progression hahahah. I’m dead.

Having more than one #DakotaHerseyBride at a wedding is a DREAM!!!! I love when we have friends in the family!!!

If you’re a #DakotaHerseyCouple, then you know what’s happening here…. 😉

I am SO thankful for all of the couples who invite me into their lives to document one of their biggest moments. I never take this job lightly and will always do the absolute MOST to make it as great as I can. I love all of my 2020 couples and can’t wait to be professional-third-wheeling my 2021 couples this year!!!!