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January 30, 2020

BEST OF 2019: Weddings And Couples

I’m a little behind the power curve for recapping 2019 but I just look at it as we have so much to look at when it comes to everyone’s yearly recaps and “best of” posts that I’m helping out by spreading them out a little! 😂

I am SO excited for my first post of this kind! I have worked and continue to work really hard on creating images that I am proud of. Ones that I want to print and hang in my own house because I love them so much.

I worked with so many beautiful, kind, and fun people this year and I’m beyond pumped to share my favorite Dakota Hersey couples and weddings images from 2019.

(Don’t worry seniors, your post will be coming when we celebrate the end of your senior year!!)

2019 was my first year *full* of weddings (8 to be exact!) and I challenged myself in so many ways. I learned off camera flash so my reception images would be consistent with my natural light ones. I practiced a lot with details so even the smallest part of the day would be remembered beautifully.

I scouted new locations and photographed the same ones in different ways. I really focused on always choosing LIGHT first, then LOCATION. I got more creative with composition after I knew I had the basics covered. I traveled and shot in places I hadn’t been to yet. I shot bridal portraits in the rain!!

This post is LONG but believe it or not, every single one of these images is special to me (and narrowed down from 1000s more!!!). Each one shows a mastered skill, a powerful emotion, a fun memory, a goal reached.

I’m so looking forward to seeing how these posts evolve over the years but for now I am loving scrolling through these. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!