March 25, 2021

Best Of Dakota Hersey Weddings 2020

Oh, 2020. What a year.

I think we are all tired of talking about unprecedented times and we’re still working through the effects we’ll be feeling for years from now, but one thing still remains –– celebrating LOVE.

I am SO incredibly thankful that I was still able to join 18 couples in celebrating and documenting their love stories in 2020. Most of them looked a little different than we had originally planned but they were all still special and memorable.

While I love a good party, I loved the reset that 2020 brought to weddings. The focus became less about how extravagant things could be and more about sentimental moments and intimacy. I loved the foundation it set for so many couples…that no matter what life throws at them, nothing will stand in the way of their marriage.

On a more technical note, I pushed myself to be better in so many ways during 2020. Even with a pandemic, this was the most amount of weddings I’ve ever shot in a year. I spent a lot of time practicing with flatlays and perfecting how to get details done in a record amount of time. They went from being the least favorite part of my day to a huge highlight!! I also focused a lot on understanding and perfecting my off camera flash so my receptions can be cohesive with my natural light style.

I shot weddings at new venues I’d always dreamed of, in small churches, at the beach, in the rain, in the wind, in the sunshine, while we were freezing and while we were sweating our butts off. I worked with new vendors who have become my favorite “co-workers.” I photographed a Christmas wedding, two weddings at private residences overlooking the intercoastal, and a wedding in quarantine. I made it through my first double header weekend!! I fell equally in love with fall weddings as I am with spring weddings.

Every year I order an album with my favorite wedding images from the year prior and this year’s album is filled with beautiful colors, deliberate composition, attention to detail, and gorgeous locations…but it’s also filled with deep connections, real love, and PERSEVERANCE.

To all of my 2020 couples (and 2021 couples who did engagements!!), I love you all so much and am so thankful to be part of your story!!!