October 1, 2018

The Farm at 95 Wedding in Selma, NC | Blake and Ty Schmeltzer

Throughout the entire day, you could tell that this was the moment Blake and Ty have waited for their entire lives. It was clear in every moment, from the tear-filled first look to the special dances to the toasts from their most important people.

It was a sunny (hot!) day on August 4th at the Farm at 95 in Selma, NC for Blake and Ty’s wedding day. I was a little worried that it may rain, but thanks to my new fancy weather app (that I’m such a nerd about!) I was confident that we would see bright sun all day.

Blake and Ty decided to have a first look so we could get extra photos of them and the bridal party all before the ceremony. I love first looks because it allows for this beautiful, private moment between the bride and groom on a day that gets so hectic. When Blake rounded the corner, Ty couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the sight of his beautiful bride. It was such a sweet break from the chaos of wedding preparations to reset and remember what it’s all about –– promising to love each other forever.

The most memorable moment from the entire day were the toasts. I’ve listened to a lot of wedding toasts but every single one of Blake and Ty’s friends’ speeches were memorable. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Blake’s dad shared the story of Ty asking his permission to make his daughter his new wife…which was then followed by stories from the maids of honor and best man. You could truly tell how their relationship had made such an impact on the people around them just by how much they love each other. If that isn’t a sign of a marriage that will last forever, I don’t know what is!

I am so thankful that the new Schmeltzer’s invited me to be a part of their journey and I can’t wait to watch their marriage continue to show the world what it looks like to selflessly love and grow with each other. Love you two!!

Her dad’s face when he saw her for the first time was so sweet!!

The first look…one of my favorite moments from the whole day!

These girls were amazing!!! They were willing to do anything to make Blake’s day absolutely perfect.

The father daughter dance gets me. every. single. time.

…and so did the mother son dance! Ty invited his dad in for a little and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes dry!