February 21, 2019

Wedding Day Details: What To Bring With You To The Bridal Suite

Ah, wedding day details. Usually small in size but a major piece of your wedding day –– and wedding photography gallery.

They’re the tiny details that could get lost in all of the hustle and bustle of the day. They’re the items that were passed down to you and you plan on passing down to your daughter. They’re the sentimental things you hand-selected with care that many of your guests may not have the chance of seeing up close.

Every wedding day, I start with details. It allows me to come in early before the day really gets started and give these special details the attention they deserve.

In preparation for the day, I send my brides and grooms an example list of what to take with them to the bridal suite to help them be intentional about the things we should document on their wedding day. With all of the checklists, it’s no surprise that these could be easily missed!

Because I start photographing details first thing, it’s important to have all of your details packed and organized in one spot so I can grab them to get started with I arrive.

You should only be focused on getting pampered in the morning, so I recommend packing them the night before and even potentially assigning the responsibility of making sure everything arrives to someone in the bridal party!

Here is a list of 14 things that you should plan on bringing with you to the bridal suite for your photographer to capture as part of your day!

1. Your Wedding Dress

Of course you will want your dress photographed! If it’s not traveling with you, make sure to have this arrive at the venue around the same time of your photographer. Once you’re ready to get dressed, we’ll want to have all of the photos of the dress by itself taken care of.

This includes any accessories that come along with the dress, like belts or shawls too!

2. A Hanger

This is a big one to easily forget! While it’s not a deal breaker to not have one, it brings the dress to the level it deserves by being photographed on a high quality hanger rather than the plastic one it likely came with.

If you’re looking for a gift for a bride, a customized hanger is a great gift that they may not have thought of! When the day is over, they can even use it as decoration in their bathroom or closet.

If you don’t have a hanger, don’t stress! I usually travel with multiple neutral wooden hangers just in case you forget (for the bridesmaid dresses too!).

3. Your Veil

This is technically an accessory of the dress so hopefully these are staying together!

I will let you in a little secret –– I LOVE VEILS. They are perfect for softening your detail shots, bringing the perfect level of romance and dreaminess to your photos.

While we will want to photograph it with the dress, it’s actually the perfect additional to your detail shots! Using it with your dress or some other linen background adds texture and depth to the photos. If there is lace, it also adds to the romance!

4. Hair Accessories

If you are wearing a hairpiece or something in your hair, you will definitely want to make sure this is photographed before you complete your look! Usually you will get your hair done last so it’s fresh so timing shouldn’t be an issue but you want to make sure it doesn’t accidentally get left in the hairdressing area!

5. Your Shoes

Shoes usually don’t have an issue making it into the details box!

Since you won’t be showing your shoes very much during your day unless you have a short dress, this is really their time to shine! Even if you didn’t get beautiful Louis Vuittons, they are very important to the overall look of your details and are still a part of your day!!  

6. All Of The Rings

Make sure someone packs all 3 rings in the details box!! We’ll want the engagement ring and both wedding bands in boxes or something that can keep them safe while we’re transporting them to be photographed.

7. A Ringbox

If you have a special ring box, this is an awesome addition to your detail shots! Bonus points if is is the color of your wedding day. This is only a special additional detail so don’t stress if you don’t have one!

8. All Jewelry

Along with your rings and hair pieces, you’ll want any and all jewelry you’ll be wearing for your big day! Earrings, necklaces, additional rings…bring it all!

9. The Bouquet

Your flowers are a huge part of your day!! Plus having them in your detail shots will also make your album flow and tie everything together!

Sometimes they arrive later in the evening so you’ll need to ask your florist to deliver your bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets to the bridal suite around the same time as your photographer is arriving so they can all be photographed together.

Bonus tip: Ask your florist if they can provide some extra flowers or greenery to be used in detail shots as well! If you are making your own bouquet, grab a few extras to include in details as well!

10. The Invitation Suite

This one will require some planning ahead of time since you probably wouldn’t normally pack this for the wedding day! Your invitations are the introduction to your party so they will need to be included too!

If you have scripted fonts, they also make the prettiest background for ring shots!

11. Heirlooms and Keepsakes

If you have something gifted to you from your grandma or a special family ring, we’ll want to include these as well! Make sure to let your photographer know the special meaning behind each item so they can get individual photos of them.

12. Perfume

You’ll want this for the scent of course but the bottles also are so beautiful and elegant in detail photos!

13. Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Along with your dress, your ladies will also need to have their dresses on hand! We will want to photograph them all together, and sometimes we actually use them as backgrounds for your detail shots!

Having the pops of color really help the images flow which make albums even prettier!!

14. Your Groom’s Details!!!

I photograph all details at once so you’ll want to make sure to go through this list with your babe as well! Groom’s details usually include:

  • Shoes –– Shoes are typically really important for the groom’s details! Most guys are really proud of their footwear so they really probably will be a highlight for them. I take all details at once so make sure to grab your babe’s shoes as well!
  • Accessories –– Watch, cufflinks, bowtie, ties…we’ll want it all! Girls aren’t the only ones who get all of their special details remembered!

This list can seem like a lot but it’s really all of the things that you will be packing up and checking twice to make sure you have them for the big day!

When it comes to details, more is better in most cases!!!